When Nova Alumni support Nova students

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The beNOVA Scholarships Program was created to ensure that Nova SBE students facing financial difficulties can still pursue their studies.

The project was inspired by three alumni of one of the first undergraduate class in Economics (1980) at the Universidade Nova de Lisboa: Virginia Lopes, Eduardo Marques Ferreira and José Portela.

Through this initiative, anyone can help by contributing to the education of an undergraduate student of Nova SBE. All contributions are very much appreciated and therefore there is no maximum or minimum value established. However, contributions that equal or exceed the undergraduate program fee – either annual or for the full program (3 years) – will result in honor.

The beNOVA Scholarships Program had its 1st Edition in 2012/2013 and supported 8 students. In the 2nd Edition, in 2013/2014, we helped 13 students of our school to fulfil their academic year and in its 3rd Edition, in 2014/2015, 16 students!

In this academic year, the 5th Edition is already supporting 16 students not only by covering their tuition fees, but also in meals and transport expenses.

In total, 48 students had the support of the initiative to successfully continue their studies at Nova SBE.

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